Automotive Locksmith

Automotive Locksmith

Vehicles have changed radically over the years getting more fuel efficient, looking better, and being more protected than ever before. Remember the time when you can use a partner’s key to open your vehicle? We do too, but automobile security has changed for the better.

Vehicles and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The growth of safety in vehicles has been taken to the next level. Virtually every car that rolls from production lines across the world is currently fitted with transponder technology.

It is a great invention that involves installing a Chip upon verification that the code is right the vehicle will permit the engine to start when the key is turned. If the key is cut properly but the coded signal is different to that in the computer, the key will still turn but the motor will remain immobilized.

Transponders with a few auto manufacturers opting to use their own manufacturer. This means that a wide selection of specialist equipment is needed in order to provide extra keys, manufacture keys to vehicles that are lost, and re-programming vehicles if keys have gone lost.

Up to date with the latest methods as well as the substantial quantity of equipment required. This can be quite daunting with many locksmiths opting to prevent this sort of work altogether.

Here at Hayward Locksmith we’re armed with the latest automotive knowledge and tools available in the market and are trained.

Our technicians are extensively trained and equipped to create a vast array of car keys with our state of the art laser cut machines. Going to the car dealership can be time consuming and costly. Lock and Keys will come out to you and save you time and money on all of your automotive locksmith needs!

Automotive Locksmith
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